Terms & Conditions

By agreeing to the following terms and conditions, you’re entering into a contract with Anvil Media for ShopTC46. The terms and conditions of this agreement are subject to change with 7-day notice.


Charges Payable To ShopTC46

  • The ShopTC46 will charge a 25% commission on goods sold through the
    e-commerce website.
  • There will be no listing fee.


Listing Products

  • We will only accept minimum 5 products and maximum 10 products per vendor.
  • The minimum number of units listed per product are 12.
  • An automated email and text message will be sent to the vendor when the product is low on stock (below 6 units), and they can update stock for sale if they wish to. If units are exhausted, the item will be marked sold out and not appear if the ‘Exclude Out Of Stock’ filter is applied by a buyer.
  • Only standardized products will be accepted (no customizations or personalization's).
  • However, different sizes, shades, colors, and similar attributes of the product can be listed.
  • If a product has variations, images and specifications for all variations have to be provided by the vendor.
  • Vendors should provide a standard weight, shelf-life, size chart, colour options for products if they wish to sell variants.
  • Delivery time for products should not exceed 15 days.
  • Expected delivery date (with 2-5 day variable) must be listed for each product.
  • Price of products should include taxes, shipping costs, delivery charges, and any other hidden costs and variables.
  • Images should not be representational, and should be actual images of the products.
  • Vendors must clearly list individual exchange, refund and return policy.


Shipping Products

  • The vendor should be able to provide shipping pan India.
  • No ‘Cash On Delivery’ will be accepted for orders.
  • Shipping labels will be provided by ShopTC46 and must be used as part of packaging.
  • Dispatch proof will have to be sent by the vendors.
  • Tracking id will have to be provided by the vendors.


  • Return/exchange requests will be raised on The Channel 46 platform.
  • Vendors will be alerted of return/exchange request via email and text notification. The exchange will have to be managed using The Channel 46 vendor dashboard.
  • All return/exchange requests should be processed within 15 days with a proof of dispatch sent to TC46.
  • Exchange and return policy may be subject to change depending on the products. The change needs to be agreed upon by The Channel 46.
  • The vendor is responsible for delivery of products, and to coordinate
    refund/replacement/damage exchange if needed.


Taxes And Payments:

  • Payment Cycle will be 15 working days after invoice has been received with all
    necessary documentation.
  • Final payments are subject to standard taxation.
  • Prices for paid marketing & advertising services will apply and may be deducted from the payment settlement or raised in an invoice separately, based on whichever is agreed upon by both parties.


*ShopTC46 will reserve the right to blacklist sellers and vendors if they default on delivery, or they deliver broken/damaged products repeatedly (3 times).
**ShopTC46 reserves the right to refuse or reject listing of a vendor.

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