Cambio Pack Of 8, Super Plus (With Applicators)

Cambio Pack Of 8, Super Plus (With Applicators)

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Features tampons:

  • India’s First Tampon with Cotton-lock Technology.

  • Prevents fibre-shedding

  • GOTS and ICEA Certified

  • Approved by FDA

  • 100% organic

  • Dermatologically tested

  • Chemical-free

  • Rash-free

  • Eco-friendly


About Cambio: 

Cambio is a prospect of change to offer natural and sustainable period care and personal hygiene. Our plastic-free, 100% organic, and biodegradable products are an extension of our passion for healthy womankind and a healthy environment. Welcome to Cambio, a tribe that is for you and about you.


Being a woman you have to be a kiss of sunshine and also the fiercest of storms. Cambio celebrates your power that brings life into this world. We extend our love through products that care for you. We have designed 100% organic, plastic-free and biodegradable products that provide the care you need. We know you need to be loved too, and with that thought, we introduced period and hygiene products that take a detour from the ordinary. 


You are a mother, daughter, businesswoman, homemaker, and we want you to cherish each of our roles with comfort. Our products are innovative because we know you are always on the run. We have curated our products to be kind, just like you.


Begin Your Journey of Change with Cambio!


        We Begin Here: Our products are a blend of 100% natural elements. We grow our cotton in an organic field untouched by chemicals for over 3 years that is GOTS certified, natural and safe.  

        Crafted with Care: All the elements come together to create products that care for you and the environment. Our team wears masks and gloves to maintain hygiene. The products reach you untouched and sanitised. 

        Packed with Power: Our packaging is also 100% environment-friendly. We pack every product with love and passion. Each package is sanitised for your health, reinforcing your power to break all the taboos that have ever existed.  

        Delivered at Your Door: We have created a hassle-free delivery process. With customisable packages, you can order comfort at your doorsteps. In the current pandemic, we make sure the box is sanitised and checked before reaching you.  

How to Use a Tampon? (Add pictures)

Don’t worry it’s not as hard as it sounds. Let us walk you through it.

        Wash your hands. 

        Unwrap the tampon.

        Pull in the string to ensure it’s firmly attached. 

        Take a comfortable position. 

        You can squat or keep one leg on the toilet. 

        Slowly insert the tampon at an angle, and not vertically.

        When you can no longer feel it, which means your tampon is inserted.

        You will feel a light pull meaning you don’t need to push it further.

        It’s that simple, trust us.

What makes us different?

Cambio tampons are India’s first tampons with a Cotton-lock technology. Unlike ordinary tampons, which leave a residue inside your vagina after removal, our Cotton-lock technology prevents tampon fibre shedding for a healthy and clean vagina. 

Our tampons are 100% organic, chemical-free, rash-free and biodegradable. 

Why switch from pads to tampons?

        No more crinkling noise of the pad. 

        Easier to carry.

        No fear of leaking.

        Rash-free and comfortable.  

If this product has transformed you in any way, be it feeling courageous, proud, hygienic, or empowered, we would love for you to share your story. Feature us on your Instagram handle with the hashtag #changeisyou and tag @cambiowman to inspire every woman who deserves better period care. Let’s rise together and bleed with pride! 

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